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Did You Reach Your Goals in the First Quarter?

If you subscribe to the 12-week quarter rule, the first quarter is done. Are you on pace for your goals?

We're finishing up quarter one and it's an import time in the 12-week quarter rule.

If you subscribe to the 12-week quarter rule where we work 12 weeks out of the quarter and take the 13th week to plan, rejuvenate, or catch up, the first quarter is done. 

How did you do?

It's pretty straightforward to address. We'll take your annual goal (let's say $350,000 as an example) and we're going to back out what you have in recurring revenue ($110,000 in this example for simplicity's sake). That's $5,000 a week and $240,000 for the year, bringing us to a grand total of needing $87,500 this quarter to be on track for the year.

Are you on pace? There are a couple things we can use to either get back on track if you're off, or to stay on or ahead of pace.

The first step to getting back on pace is to find out where you can generate new business from.
The first to look at is what you need to do to generate additional business. We've got a cookbook strategy we've been taught over the years and we've got some simple, straightforward math to run on it. The second strategy to look at is what you need to do to keep that income on the books and growing. 

If you'd like to have conversations like this with us on an ongoing basis on how to reach the next level, don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Let's touch base soon to talk about how we can make your 2017 better than you ever imaged it could be.